Rob Abrazado -

Welcome to my website
The website experience you are currently enjoying is the product of actual minutes of labor. The site as a whole is largely just a test area for various projects, ideas, or code, although certainly you may enjoy this page as a pointer to my various social media outlets and other sites. I am uncertain as to why you are here. You are probably also uncertain as to why you are here. Everything is uncertain. Everything.

Places That Aren't Here
This is a picture of two people with backpacks. It came with the website. For unfathomable reasons, you can click on it to view my Twitter account.
This fetching photo of bound notebooks and a pocket computer with a cracked screen is no doubt a profound artistic statement. Nevertheless, it also serves as a link to my Facebook page.
The person whose arm appears in this photograph appears to be using both a smartphone and a highlighter, so I hope those uses are kept separate! This links to my Tumblr blog, but I never use it anymore.
About Me
Back when the Internet and the World Wide Web were becoming a part of my life, I hand-coded HTML in a text editor. Nowadays I can just fill out a form, and an attractive template produces a whole website for me, just like that. I bet it's even dynamically responsive and mobile-friendly, in case you're reading this on a tablet, phone, or cybernetically integrated heads-up display. The future is now.